Elizabeth Malone holds an MFA in Dance from Rutgers University and a BFA in Dance from Cornish College of the Arts. As a Part-Time Lecturer at Rutgers, Elizabeth has taught ballet and modern technique classes, Dance Composition, and Dance Appreciation Online. Her performance experience includes dancing with ARC Dance Company in Seattle for two seasons before moving to the east coast where she joined ReVision dance company in Washington, DC. While performing with ReVision, Elizabeth led and assisted dance classes in the company’s outreach program for children, teens, and adults with disabilities. During her time in DC, Elizabeth taught dance for students ages five to adult at Joy of Motion Dance Center. Her choreography includes primarily modern and contemporary ballet and more recently has been experimenting with the integration of sound and video design. Elizabeth continues to find joy in sharing her passion for dance with others and evolving her pedagogical and creative processes to include non-Western dance and for facilitating online and face-to-face experiences.

Autobiographical Pecha Kucha