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My curiosity for new ways to express ideas through movement has led me to explore the integration of dance and video. A clear, singular concept can be the driving force behind a project with the freedom to manipulate and expand upon the moments that are digitally captured for a multi-disciplinary experience, making dance-viewing accessible across platforms. 

"BO+mindDY" (2019)

*Official Selection for NOFLASH 2020

*Finalist for DisDance Film Festival 2020

A play on mind-body connection that uses inner experiences of the mind, represented by phonations by one dancer, and its corresponding outer expression through the physicality of dance by the other.

"Cambré" (2019) 

Arching inspiration and interpretations.

"this is a library" (2019)

A film study of multiple angles with connected and disconnected movement.

"Repe-repetition" (2019)

Experimenting with continuous and repetitious movements.

"rehearsal induced delirium" (2019)

An exploration of camera angle and continuous movement.

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