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With choreography created in collaboration with the dancers and DJ Andrew Malone for the original sound score, this work was set to premiere as my MFA Dance Thesis Concert in March 2020. Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, the concert was canceled, so I edited rehearsal footage for a final video of the work instead. 



A site-specific work created for 

The Awbury Arboretum in Philadelphia, PA.



Oral history interviews of staff, volunteers, and clients informed the creation of this piece in collaboration with the Middlesex County Center for Empowerment and CoLAB Arts. 

"Wives of Abdul" (2019)

A scene from Sister Carrie, performed by the Rutgers Opera.

Choreography Sample (2017)

"like brother, like sister"

Lindsay Bergman and Charles Scheland

"Troubled Souls"

ReVision Dance Company

"Circumstantial Discontent,"

Youth Dance Ensemble Company

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